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Kratos overview

Kratos is a tracking management and show control software designed by Naostage.

It is the main interface of the K SYSTEM that allows to seamlessly output its detections to other systems, enhancing the tracking experience in many shows and immersive activities.


You can download Kratos for free on the Naostage website.

The version of Kratos you can get is an unrestricted version, without any difference than the version you can find on Kore servers.

This section of the K SYSTEM documentation is dedicated to Kratos. You will find here all the information you need to get started with Kratos and its interaction with third party systems.

Kratos is at the center of the K SYSTEM :

  • It connects to the Kaptas, manage their configurations and receive their video streams.
  • When installed in a Kore server, it send the Kapta's videos to the Naostage's IA and receive the detections from it.
  • It allows the user to :
  • Patch the IA's detections to the desired Target
  • Set up zones to automate audiovisual effect in function of the position of the Targets
  • Set up modules to send Target's position or any other useful information or commands to third party systems
  • Set up modules to receive information or commands from third party systems
  • Script actions to automate the show