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3D Stage

The 3D stage view allows you to monitor in 3D environment all the following components:

  • Action areas
  • Targets position
  • Beakon tags position


To create a 3D Stage view, check the Layout organization section.

The 3D Stage view is not complete on Mac OS at the moment.

Kratos coordinate system

Kratos uses a right-hand coordinate system with :

  • X (in red) and Y (in green) axis along the floor (horizontal axis)
  • Z axis representing the height (vertical axis)


The squares on the Z = 0 plane of the 3D view have a side length of 1 meter.

When working on a project project, make sure that all (and if not the the majority) of the systems involved use the same frame of reference : origin and axes orientation.

This will make your life far easier when interfacing Kratos with third party systems as you will not have to convert the coordinates from one system to another. If for some reason this is not possible for a particular system, Kratos has ways to deal with it by offsetting origin, remapping coordinates or remapping axis orientation.


You can navigate the 3D view with the following controls :

  • Left click and drag : move the camera
  • Right click and drag : rotate the camera
  • Wheel : zoom in / out