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Send Targets position to GrandMA 2

To send Targets positions to a GrandMA 2 station, you have to use the PSN protocol.

Hardware connection

The Kratos station and the GrandMA station must be connected to the same Ethernet network.

  • As PSN is a multicast protocol, the Kratos station doesn't need to have a Ethernet address in the same subnet as the GrandMA station. They must just be in the same network.
  • In case you use a physical GrandMA 2 console, the ethernet connection must be made via the Ethernet 1 (= eth0) connector (PSN will not go thru Ethernet 2 connector).

GrandMA side

To receive PSN information on GrandMA 2, you have to follow these steps :

  • You have to be in a Session to receive PSN.



You can find more information about Stage Marker on the MA help page.

  • You can then open Setup -> Network -> PSN Network Configuration, enable the PSN function with the big "Enabled" button in the upper right side of the window and Add a line with the "Add" button at the bottom left of the window.


  • When the line is created, it needs to be enabled : Edit the "Enabled" cell in the configuration row until it says "Yes".


  • If the connection is established with a PSN server, the name of the line will get a green background color. See the Kratos side section to know hot to setup a PSN server on Kratos.


  • Default Ip address and port for a PSN server are and 56565. If you have multiple PSN servers on the same network, be sure that they are each linked to a different port. It is possible to change the Port and PSN Multicast address if the server does not follow the standard port and multicast address.
  • When the connection is established, you can see the position send by the PSN server by clicking the "View Tracker" button at the bottom of the window.


The Targets need to be moving for their position to be send via PSN the first time.

You can move the Targets manually to populate the list the first time you connect the GranMA2 station to Kratos.

You can find more information about PSN on the MA help page.

Kratos side

On Kratos you will need to create a PSN server to send the Targets position to the GrandMA 2 station. This is done by creating a PSN Module :

  • Go to a Module view, click on the "CREATE MODULE" icon on the left of the view and select "PSN" in the list of available modules. Choose a name for your module and click "CREATE".


  • Select the Module in the list and enter the Ip address you want to use for the PSN server. You can also change the port number if needed.


  • You can change the PSN server name that will be seen on the GranMA2 station


  • If the GrandMA2 doesn't use the same coordinate system, you can remap and invert the axes before sending the position data.


  • Make sure that the module is Enabled and that the Output is Enabled too.

You can learn more about setting up a PSN server on Kratos here.