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Send Target position via PSN

PosiStageNet is a open protocol used to send and receive position information on the network. It uses a server/client architecture that transmit position information from different trackers connected to the server.

Create a PSN Module

Creating a PSN module in Kratos will set up a server that streams the position of all the Target of the show to a chosen multicast address.
To create a PSN module :

  • Go to a Module view, click on the "CREATE MODULE" icon on the left of the view and select "PSN" in the list of available modules. Choose a name for your module and click "CREATE".
  • Select the Module in the list and enter the Ip address you want to use for the PSN server. You can also change the port number if needed.
  • Make sure that the module is Enabled and that the Output is Enabled too.

You can then listen to this address with any third party system compatible with PSN to receive position information.

The PSN Id of each Target is displayed at the right of the Target's name in the Target Patcher view.

More information about Modules can be found here.

You can learn about specific PSN Module controls here.