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You can find your Kratos version on the get started page or in the "About Kratos" tab in the show menu.


✨ Features

  • A dedicated page to edit video masks.
  • In ActionScript, expose show.targets that works like show.trackers and let you iterate over all the targets of the show.
  • Add a switch to enable/disable the display of uwb tags in the kapta view. The switch is enabled by default to maintain the previous behavior.
  • BETA: Add detections & tracks keypoint pose debug view from Kore. Kore must support human pose detections.
  • BETA: Kopilot: A new window to chat with an assistant that knows about Kratos documentation. Your Kore must have a Kopilot Server, this isn't supported for now on non Kore hardware server.

🚸 Ux Improvements

  • Display/Hide masks on video.
  • Display/Hide action areas on video.
  • Display/Hide kapta with rectified video.
  • Allow to enable/disable 2D mode switch in Target Patcher.
  • Better scale the drag of number property field for small or large numbers. This will feel way better for values between 0 and 1 for example.

🐛 Fixes

  • When an action area was deleted, it wasn't property removed from the Kore.
  • Reset the text field to filter actions in the create action dialog when the dialog is reopened.


🐛 Fixes

  • Simulated kapta already present on Kore connection were ignored by the real kore.


🐛 Fixes

  • Simulated kapta was ignored by the real kore. Now it is possible to simulate a kapta and use a real kore to run the detection live on a real server.
  • Improve performance of grandma2 module.


Initial release of Kratos.